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Streamline Your Hair Care Routine with Our Texturizing Solutions

Streamline Your Hair Care Routine with Our Texturizing Solutions

If you are spending a small fortune and devoting entirely too much time to styling your hair, it may be time to streamline your hair care routine. We can help with our texturizing solutions. Texturizing can reduce your time spent styling and reduce the number of products you need saving you both time and money in the long run.


If you are spending countless hours with your hair in curlers or wrapped around a curling iron a perm may be just the thing. A perm adds volume to fine limp hair and makes thin hair appear thicker. It will instantly solve the problem of an uneven curl pattern. No more fighting to get that straighter side to look like the curlier side, or vice versa. Perms can be customized to add as much or as little curl as you want, ranging from tight ringlets to loose bouncy waves. 


If your curls are super tight and prone to tangling and knotting, or if you seem to spend half your life trying to straighten your hair then you may wish to opt for a relaxer. Relaxed hair is much less prone to tangles because the hair’s texture is changed to remove the bends and kinks that cause it. This will reduce breakage and may even help you grow your hair out faster if you are trying to add length. It will be easier to achieve the styles you want, and your hair will be more smooth and sleek without the need for so much heat.

Texture Smoother

Whether you are choosing to go straight or preserve your natural curl, if you battle frizz or your locks appear lackluster you need a texture smoothing treatment. Safe for color-treated hair, these treatments use a keratin solution to repair damage and seal the cuticle of the hair for a smooth, sleek, shiny look that will last for months. You’ll reduce your drying and styling time, reduce your use of styling products, and protect your hair from future damage. 

Schedule your appointment at rafiel’s studio today. Our team of talented stylists will help you determine which of our texturizing solutions is right for you. Stop by and see us at 2927 N High St in Columbus, or call 614-784-1177. You can also book your appointment online. If you’d like the ability to manage your appointments on the go via your mobile device, download our free app from iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

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